Cheap and Easy DIY Planner Bookmarks

I found so many cute ideas on Pinterest for DIY bookmarks. I inserted a few of my inspiration photos for you to see that you don’t need to purchase anything for this DIY project! Just look through your craft supplies and you can find so many interesting materials to create a unique bookmark!

You definitely need paperclips, then use your imagination to come up with new designs:

  • If you have yarn you can make tassel or pom pom bookmarks.
  • You can loop scrap ribbon to a paperclip.
  • Glue a rhinestone, button or sticker on a piece of paper and sandwich the paper clip in between.
  • If you have a paper punch, cut shapes put of glitter paper or cool cardstock scraps.
  • Use a strip of wash tape to make a flag and snip a triangle shape on the edge.
  • Glue or insert beads through the paper clip.
  • And whatever material you find…



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