DIY Marble Mug – Affordable and Elegant Gift Idea

Another easy craft! Affordable to make, yet elegant. Plus it is recycling what you already have in the house. Nail polish and a boring mug!


  • Bowl of water – Container you would throw out after making this project
  • Nail polish (1-2 colors that match)
  • Toothpick
  • Mug – preferably white

The water should be around the same heigh of your mug. Pour your nail polish in scattered directions rapidly in the bowl of water- so pretty!!! Slightly mix nail polish that is on the surface of the water for a cool design.

Dip your mug in the water diagonally to get a nice design. Feel free to dip more if some areas need more paint. Flip mug over to dry for a couple hours.

Note: Don’t put paint near the rim of the mug if you plan on drinking from it. If you just want to put pencils in it, you can go as high as you like.

marble mug ins.jpg


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